Business Grants for My Business


Business Grants are not there to provide any business automatic entitlement them, they are effectively created and awarded to help those local West Midlands based businesses who are able to demonstrate that such business grants will provide long term benefits either direct to the business in question as well as possibly throughout the local supply chain, as well as not forgetting assisting the local economy via the creation of jobs, improvement within the eco arena and so on.

There are those businesses who think that there are literally thousands of business grants available and they are right especially right across the UK, but they are all created to meet a specified criteria of application.

A business grant is a brilliant way to get a project of the ground, to fully research and develop your product.

Are R&D Grants one of the Business Grants available?

Research and Development Grants often referred to as R&D Grants are possibly one of the best source of funding for manufacturing type companies as generally the funds don’t have to be repaid and are interest free.

Business Grants are often called FREE money, however as intermated above they usually have a number of conditions attached, so entitlement to them is not automatic.

Business Grants are usually for a specific purpose, can be geographically bound, and are aimed at a specific size and types of organisations. They come from a variety of sources like, central government, regional and local government, the European Commission and various other national and local bodies. Some areas of the UK are favoured above other, for example if is creating a business in an economically disadvantaged area with high unemployment.

It’s important to find the right grant to suit your business and purpose, this is where our grant finding service comes in, we can save you valuable time by doing all the hard work for you.

Call 0330 4000 431 for more details of our Business Grant finding service, please also note that we operate a website called Grants WM to help keep local West Midlands business informed of what Business Grants are around!

Business Grants can be difficult to obtain and extremely time consuming, so by using our team of Grant experts we would do all the work for you from start to finish.

Acting on your behalf we would put the business grant application together, then present it in the appropriate format for the business grant awarding body and keep track of its progress.

One thing to note also is that we also assist with the grant claim process once we have secured your grant!