Business Finance for My Businesses


Business Finance means different things to different people but here at Finance WM we can through our partners advise local West Midlands businesses on all on the varying types of business finance which would apply best to them ensuring that it’s structured in the right way.

As already mentioned there are many different forms of Business Finance, but the key for us here at Finance WM is in the understanding of what type(s) of business finance is appropriate for a West Midlands business, more at the availability at the exact time a business needs it.

A massive change has occurred since 2010 in regards to access to business finance witnessed and experienced by many businesses in how the banks fund national and local SME’s plus we have all seen an increase of new, innovative, alternative business finance providers join the market.

Some examples of types of Business Finance:

  • Asset Finance – suitable for equipment purchase
  • Invoice Discounting – very useful if you have a growing sales income
  • Standard Bank Finance – Loans and overdrafts
  • Enterprise Finance Guarantee – Government supported funding through the banks.

Through our financing partners we witnessed particularly success via the utilisation of the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme and as such are perfectly happy to provide any local business engaging the service of Finance WM with details of many satisfied clients.

  • Alternative Loan Providers – too numerous to list.
  • Commercial Mortgages – loans secured on property
  • Equity – This can be either a private individual known as a Business Angel, a Venture Capital company or a Public Sector Equity Scheme that will invest for a share of your business. Businesses tend to be High Growth.

When you deal with Finance WM you are gaining access to finance industry experts who have banking and alternative loan provision backgrounds, who have sat on both sides of the fence both as lenders as well as raising finance for West Midlands business owners.

Should you look to us to assist you in gaining access to business finance, rest assured that we all will take the time to understand your business finance needs, whether its business development funding, early stage equity or a commercial mortgage.