Commercial Bank Loan for My Businesses


A Commercial Bank Loan is one of the most popular ways for any business within the West Midlands to raise finance for their business.

We will through our experienced finance partners help to ensure that when approaching a bank on your behalf for a commercial bank loan that it is expressed upon them how you wishing to gain access to a commercial loan will benefit your business and as such ensure that the bank understands.

A business plan for a commercial bank loan will contain

  • Details on the clear direction you have of your business
  • Explanations on what it is you need the money for
  • Exactly how it is the commercial bank loan will be used
  • Exactly how it is the commercial bank loan be repaid

The way in which we can do this on your behalf is by preparing a business plan along with suitable projections all of which are specifically focused towards the commercial lender, as we along with our finance partners understand fully what it is they will wish to see as well as how they would want such a business plan presented.

We through our experienced finance partners endeavor to remove any of the risk factors on behalf of the commercial bank, by highlighting within the business plan and finance proposal how you are going to use the commercial loan and perhaps more importantly for the bank explain how you would repay the commercial bank loan.

Finance WM is a platform within Connect WM within is an independent West Midlands based business support consultancy, and as such neither we or a finance partners are not tied to any one bank; therefore any /all the work we do for a West Midlands base business is solely on their behalf in order to get the best commercial loan for their business!