Asset refinance explained?

Asset refinance boosts a business’ cash flow by releasing cash against the value of a company’s existing assets. The business therefore sells an asset to a leasing company for its current value, which then leases it back for a specified time period in exchange for regular rental payments. In addition to providing a timely cash flow boost, asset refinance also protects the business from asset depreciation.

What are the benefits of asset refinance?

  • Asset refinance provides access to working capital that’s otherwise tied up on the business’ balance sheet.
  • The cash that asset refinance generates can be reinvested into further asset growth.
  • Repayments to the asset finance company are made at a fixed monthly rate to aid the business’ sales ledger management.
  • Asset refinance protects your company from asset depreciation.

Is asset refinance right for my business?

With a number of asset refinance solutions available from a range of asset financing companies, Finance WM (Finance West Midlands) can introduce the most suitable facility as a way for us to help West Midlands based businesses.