What is import leasing?

Import leasing helps businesses overcome the cash flow problems that can arise from the need to pay for items in one lump sum when importing assets. It involves a specialist asset finance company purchasing the asset from overseas on your behalf, before leasing it back to you in return for regular rental payments.

This international asset finance facility enables your business to maintain a healthy cash flow, whilst freeing up working capital to invest into your day-to-day activities and to fund growth and expansion.

What are the benefits of import leasing?

  • Import leasing maintains a healthy business cash flow throughout the process of purchasing new assets from overseas, keeping your working capital free to reinvest.
  • The expertise provided by asset finance companies will ensure you get the best equipment from the right overseas supplier.
  • Repayments are typically made monthly at a fixed rate on an import lease, assisting your cash flow management.
  • At the end of its repayment period, your business will own the asset outright.
  • Import leasing is an ideal funding solution for companies that import products regularly as the asset finance company assumes the risks associated with cross border transactions.

Is import leasing right for my business

It can be time-consuming to identify which asset finance facility best suits your business’ funding needs and whether or not a specialist international asset finance facility is required, but the expertise provided by commercial finance brokers can be invaluable in this process.