West Midlands Businesses being asked to pay upfront fees

West-Midlands-Businesses-asked-to-pay-upfront-feesWest Midlands Businesses are appearing to be increasingly targeted by unscrupulous companies requesting that they be paid up front for assisting local West Midlands based businesses gain access to business grants.

Some of the most recent calls to the offices of Grants West Midlands (Grants WM) are highlighting that whilst some of the general business grant information being offered by such companies to many unsuspecting local West Midlands businesses is correct.

Part of the information which is being saved until such fees have been paid – is what areas of business are excluded from such business grants.

One of the most recent cases has been experienced by a local supermarket based in Wolverhampton, whereby they received a call out of the blue last week from company who advised them they that there is a particular business grants available aimed at helping existing local West Midlands businesses expand and develop as well helping to secure local jobs.

The supermarket in Wolverhampton was told all they had to do what to pay a fee upfront and then the wheels would be put in motion for them to be ‘HOOKED UP’ to a business grant.

Are all types of business grants available to all West Midlands Businesses?

Now all this sounds very easy and appealing, but the sad fact is that whilst there is such a business grant currently available to local West Midlands businesses – unfortunately the retail sector is one of the areas which is excluded from such a business grant.

This means that any fees paid upfront by the supermarket would have been lost.

The way such unscrupulous companies operate, is to either tell the prospective client after they have paid the fee that they have just missed out on the business grant they were talking about.

Or they would say that they are passing the matter direct to an alternative finance company which deals with specific business grants and then let them give the bad news to the unsuspecting client.

Now whilst it is true that there are fees which are charged by finance companies for helping local West Midlands businesses gain access to business grants.

Such fees should ONLY ideally be charged after the successfully application and award to the local business of said business grant.

Are you one the West Midlands Businesses being approached to pay a fee up front in return for gaining access to a business grant? If so perhaps you need to think again and before you pay anything – contact Grants West Midlands (Grants WM) to see how and what they can do for NO upfront fee.

Grants West Midlands will tell up upfront if you are a qualifying business, they’ll tell what is available, in most cases they’ll meet you face to face to gain a better understanding of your business – and if all is good then an application for a business grant will be made with a fee being payable then or upon your receipt of the actual business grant (depending on certain circumstances)

They’re only in the game to be paid for the benefit you receive which is ultimately the award of a business grant.